Claire: Extended Cut launches on Microsoft’s Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Claire: Extended Cut on Xbox One

The retro-inspired horror video game, Claire, is now available in a special Extended Cut on the Xbox One. The game uses a blend of traditional pixel artwork and modern graphics and features several difficulty levels and multiple endings to unlock. This Extended Cut also comes with a special shadow enemy feature which is exclusive to this release.

Here’s the official game description: While visiting her sick mother, Claire takes a wrong turn and stumbles into a dark passage of echoing doors and abandoned rooms. Lost, and attempting to find her way back, Claire encounters an over-protective dog and few denizens who are seemingly uninterested in Claire’s plight. Did they block the doors and windows to keep something out, or is a malevolent force stopping Claire from leaving? Why does the sun seemingly never rise and why are there red candles scattered across the grounds? As panic sets in, time slips and begins to fall away.

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