Chronos Calendar gets a big update with improved performance and bug fixes

Hammad Saleem

Chronos Calendar

Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone is a feature-rich calendar app and offers users with way more features then the stock calendar app available in the Windows Phone operating system. If you happen to be a regular user of the app, it’s time to check the Windows Phone Store as a big update is waiting for you. The latest update bumps the app to version, and comes with a bunch of new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve the overall experience of the app.

Along with the usual bug fixes, the latest update brings several enhancements, including improved performance and color palette picket, new settings menu design, theme editor, improve tile editor and new tile styles, as well as support for more languages and much more. Here’s the complete change log for the update:

  • Improved performance.
  • Swipe left/right in day view.
  • Swipe in month view.
  • Swipe in day list view – Start of the week.
  • Long-pressing on a day or an event launches the context menu.
  • Move / Copy / Paste / Delete accessible through the context menu.
  • Share, sms, email, dial, link, maps in the context menu.
  • Context menu accessible through the event edit box.
  • Bigger event edit box.
  • Around hundred different pre-made themes for calendar colors and event display style in all accent colors.
  • Theme editor with complete calendar color customization and selectable event display style.
  • Improved Color palette picker.
  • Compact day filter-search. Filters out event text, holidays, name days etc.
  • New settings menu design.
  • Clock in the button bar.
  • Today and Tomorrow text on tile.
  • Around hundred tile examples/themes in tile editor in all accent colors and different styles.
  • New tile styles.
  • Improved tile editor.
  • Switches for week and name days in tile editor.
  • Danish language.
  • Separate option switches for holidays, special days, national days etc.
  • AM/PM selector inside culture settings.
  • Mon -> Sun for starting day.
  • India-Hindi culture calendar for WP8.
  • Liechtenstein culture calendar.
  • And lots of more small improvements.

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the application, it runs for $1.99. The application also has a free trial version, and those of you who never tried this app before can give it a run before paying for it. The app syncs with the Windows Phone calendar as well as others, including, Google, and Hotmail calendars.