Check out the recent updates to Microsoft Planner with this new video

Kit McDonald

Recently, Microsoft updated its project management tool for Office 365 customers. Planner was infused an updated appearance,  better performing web interface, and integration with Office 365. On top of that, there were a few new features added in for better collaboration such as the ability to restrict newly created plans to just a few members or make it available to all users in the shared organization.

If you’re looking to check some of the updates in action, Microsoft Mechanics have posted a video going through the Planner improvements.

It looks like the Planner team at Microsoft is also working on more mobile compatibility with its software. In the upcoming months, the team will add creating new plans with mobile apps as well as mobile application management is said to be coming with InTune.

For teams that work with Microsoft Planner, the tool is shaping up to be more reliable and efficient across the board. What other improvements would you like to see go into Planner? Let us know in the comments below.