Check out Baby Monitor, a cool Kinect app for Xbox One

Dennis Bednarz

An app to monitor your baby, using your Xbox One and the Kinect is definitely as strange as it sounds, but it may as well be equally useful. A Spanish developer going by the name of “FerriSoft CA” has developed a pretty advanced application for, literally, monitoring your baby using a game console.

What might, at first sight, be dismissed senseless, makes sense under a closer inspection. The developer posted a video on YouTube where he explains how the app works and what it does:

The application uses the infrared sensor in order to be able to see the baby even in a dark room, which is very clever if you think about it. The baby won’t get woken up by the light, as humans can’t see infrared, and you will be able to keep an eye on your kid as the application converts the infrared into visible grey.

The app can be downloaded from the Xbox Store using the link below. Let us know in the comments what you think of the ability to monitor a baby using your Xbox One.

Baby Monitor for Kinect
Baby Monitor for Kinect
Developer: FerriSoft C.A
Price: $9.99