Chase Bank Windows Phone app can be used 'until further notice'

Sean Cameron


Chase Bank has announced to users of its Windows Phone app that it will remain functional ‘until further notice’.

It was much to the dismay of many earlier in the year when the Bank of America and Chase Bank announced that they were to be withdrawing their services from Windows Phone altogether. In addition to being rather unfortunate for customers, nothing was offered as an alternative, save for using the mobile web version as a substitute.

Users of the Chase Bank app have found that it continues to remain functional however. This situation was addressed by the bank in a recent tweet, where it stated,

Understandably the phrase ‘until further notice’ is loaded and leaves much room for maneuvering; the app may close tomorrow or ten years from now. The only thing that is for certain is that it will be withdrawn at some point, as happened earlier with the Bank of America app.

Are you a Chase Bank customer? Have you been affected by the withdrawal of support for Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.