Backed by Nvidia, Catopsys wants to bring Microsoft's Illumiroom vision to life with Immersis

Fahad Al-Riyami

Catopsys to bring Microsoft's Illumiroom vision to life with Immersis

If you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s Illumiroom project, it’s a projection-based experience that extends a video game beyond the TV and onto the walls surrounding it. The project was rumored to see a release alongside the Xbox One but obviously that never happened. Microsoft cited that the research project would simply cost too much to release at the time, consumers would have to pay “thousands of dollars”.

One would assume that 2 years later, the technology required to make it happen would have gone down in price, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. A French virtual reality company called Catopsys believes it can bring a commercial product to market towards the end of this year and will price it at around $2500.

The product itself, called ‘Immersis’ looks stunning, almost alien, and will project 180 degree extensions of video games, videos, and photos on the walls surrounding your TV. It does so using a 1920 x 1080 3000 lumens LED projector and a fisheye lens. Projection will be processed in real-time by the PC and graphics card and will support game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine by launch time.

Catopsys currently has a Kickstarter campaign for Immersis, and with 76% of the $100,000 goal already reached and 29 days to go, the project will likely get the funding it needs to continue. The project has already seen support from graphics giant NVIDIA which makes us wonder if an acquisition will follow. It would certainly take NVIDIA Surround to the next level.

Catopsys to bring Microsoft's Illumiroom vision to life with Immersis

“We definitively feel that Immersis technology is very promising and would like to make sure we provide the means to help Immersis succeed.” – NVIDIA

If you haven’t backed the project already, you can still pledge $750 for the Immersis Software Engine that you can use with any projector, or pledge at least $1,200 (saving $1300 off of the retail price) and receive an Immersis Kit shipping October 2015. Check out all the pledging options at the source link below.