Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 is now playable on Xbox One consoles

Brad Stephenson

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 on Xbox One

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 is now available to play on all Xbox One consoles. This new video game is, as its name suggests, a lacrosse sports title that gives players the opportunity to play lacrosse from the comfort of their own home with detailed controls, improved AI compared to previous versions, and the ability to customize your own stadium and team logo.

Here’s the full game description, trailer, and link for where to buy and download it.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 offers sports fans a dynamic, fast, and challenging experience, with all the excitement, speed, and scoring of real-life lacrosse, including a completely reworked series of faceoff, shot, stick and dodging controls. It also features enhanced AI that responds to the complex 6v6 tactics of lacrosse. New motion capture animations for everything from faceoffs and shooting to post-goal celebrations add even further realism to the game. New to Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 is the ability to create custom stadiums and logos for your team. On top of that, Lacrosse 18 features comprehensive player and team creators, allowing you to put yourself and your team right into the thick of the biggest competitions of all.

Anyone who has seen a game of lacrosse will know that it’s most notable for its unique faceoff battles, quick transitions between offense and defense, and the brutal stick checks players deliver to stop the offense. At the same time, the raw skill involved in manoeuvring the stick to take quality shots on goal makes for highlight reel action. Casey Powell Lacrosse 18’s practice modes, manual substitutions, enhanced shot selection options, and improved stick and body check balance give lacrosse fans all the tools they need to play the game the way they’d play the sport.

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Casey Powell Lacrosse 18
Casey Powell Lacrosse 18
Developer: Crosse Studios
Price: $49.99