Candleman video game is coming to Xbox One, here’s the trailer

Laurent Giret

candlelight xbox one

Candleman, a 3D platformer developed by Chinese indie game studio Spotlightor Interactive, may be one of the most interesting games to be released on the Xbox One this week. The game was first released in the Chinese market last year, but it will finally see a worldwide release on Wednesday, February 1.

In Candleman, gamers play a little candle that can only burn for 10 seconds, creating a gameplay that relies heavily on dynamic lighting effect. According to the game’s official website, the initial prototype was created in 2013 during a game jam themed with the topic “10 seconds.” After the idea received praise from gamers, the game studio joined the ID@XBOX program to pursue development of what became an “immersive fairytale that highlights everyday issues.” The official description notes:

A distinctive 3D platformer, Candleman’s action adventure gameplay uses the mechanics of light and shadow to tell an immersive story. Players take on the role of a lowly candle with the ability to burn for a meager 10 seconds. This power, though small, is Candleman’s only resource against the challenges and obstacles in the darkness ahead. Trapped in the darkness, Candleman must burn himself to illuminate the nearby environment and find the way out. A wide range of stunning environments provide the backdrop as players experience this unsettling yet intriguing adventure.

Candle will launch as an $14.99 Xbox One exclusive on Wednesday, but the developer shared that the game will be ported to other platforms “including PC, other consoles and handheld devices in due course.” Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to play that game on your Xbox One.