Phantasy Star 2 Online is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Coming to Windows 10 soon

Brad Stephenson

Fantasy Star Online 2 has finally launched in proper on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. The game originally launched on PC back in 2012 in Japan where it became a massive phenomenon and, while Fantasy Star Online 2 has seen releases on PC, iOS, Android, PS4, Vita, and the Nintendo Switch, this will be the first time that the game has launched on a platform outside of Asia.

What’s more, the title will be a console exclusive on Xbox consoles in the West with a Windows 10 release expected next month. The Windows 10 version of Fantasy Star Online 2 will also be exclusive to the Microsoft Store.

Here’s the full Xbox One game description for Fantasy Star Online 2:

The Free-to-Play online RPG PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 has arrived on Xbox One!

As the player, you’ll join the ARKS task force of Oracle, an interplanetary fleet composed of 4 different races, and head out on an adventure to explore unknown worlds. With procedurally generated environments, unexpected events, and raid quests that a maximum of 12 players can take on at once, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 aims to provide a never-ending adventure that is always filled with fresh surprises. The action in this game is highly customizable, with jumps added to the series staple simple controls. Use one of gaming’s most powerful character creators to design and customize your own character, sign up as an ARKS Operative, and begin your PSO2 adventure on the Xbox One!

Fantasy Star Online 2 is currently available in three different versions on Xbox One. In addition to the base game which is free-to-play, Fantasy Star Online 2 can also be purchased as part of the Ragol Edition and the Sonic Collaboration Edition, each with a variety of exclusive in-game digital content.

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