Burger King is teasing thier own exclusive Xbox One console design

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft appears to be going “All-In” this holiday season with the amount of console bundles, exclusive console designs, new Game Pass game additions, and discounts on accessories and recently released top tier games.

Continuing that trend, Microsoft has licensed its Xbox console for one of its more bizarre partnerships this year, with Burger King adding its iconic branding stamp on its ‘custom built’ Xbox One S.

Despite its arguably gaudy product placement, one lucky fan, frequent eater of Burger King or a collector of pop culture art may appreciate the rather subtle application of Burger King’s artwork.

For the lucky person who ends up with this console and stashes their Xbox vertically in a open face drawer or cabinet will only see the simple Burger King logo near the power button and a rather stylish crown on the controller.

As of now, it seems the offer is coming Burger King UK and there are no real details available on when and where contestants can go to enter for a chance to win this piece of fast food history. We’ll update when more information is available.