Bing Predicts lands on the NFL on Xbox and Windows apps for the playoffs

Kareem Anderson

Bing Predicts closed its NFL season at 9-7 in week 17 and 161-95 for the overall regular season. Fortunately, for gamblers and enthusiasts, the NFL playoffs offer a clean slate and each week erases the mistakes of the previous.

As the stakes increase per picks during the NFL post-season, Microsoft and Bing Predicts are stepping up their game and allowing die-hard fans a chance access the analytical predictions via a new Cortana! Powered by Bing Predicts feature found in the NFL on Xbox and Windows 10 apps. Now fans can access visually rich stats, scores, and analytics tailored specifically for PCs and big screens.

Look for Cortana’s symbol in every matchup, as Cortana shares the picks of Bing Predicts.

Searching the apps, fans will now see picks for this week’s divisional round of NFL games that include the New England Patriots beating an exhausted Kansas City Chiefs team.


On Saturday, Kansas City again starts the weekend’s games on the road, but this time, they play a much more experienced opponent in New England. Under their current leadership, they are 12-4 coming off of regular season bye weeks and 8-1 when they have a bye into the divisional rounds. The extra week of preparation and healing should help strategically and physically to allow New England the opportunity to end Kansas City’s 11 game win streak.”

Next up, Bing Predicts that the Green Bay Packers on a short rest week will come up short against an Arizona Cardinal team who previously beat the “Pack” with similar conditions last year.

Arizona, which was 2nd in the league in points scored, will continue its strong offensive output to beat Green Bay.”

Perhaps, the biggest games of the weekend are the Seattle Seahawks vs. an almost undefeated Carolina Panthers team and the injury wrought Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the arguably offensively inept Denver Broncos. Following Bing Predicts lead, bets are on the Panthers getting the best of Seattle team coming off a shaky win last week, while a nod goes to the Broncos conquering an injury-riddled Steeler team with their sound defense.


Visit the app or Bing Blogs for predictions on the college national title and picks for subsequent playoff rounds. The NFL games are only beginning to heat up, and Microsoft’s production value on its Bing Predicts tools are seemingly set up to match that intensity.

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