Bing Maps adds 165 terabytes of new images, now even more accurate


In a new blog post on the official Bing blog, Microsoft said it has now added a massive 165 terabytes of new satellite and Global Ortho images to the Bing Maps database. Before this upgrade, Bing Maps only had 129 terabytes of data.

According to Microsoft, these images cover 38 million square kilometers on six continents(North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia). Microsoft adds: “Today we’re thrilled to announce the publication of our largest satellite release to date. In fact, this release is larger than all of our past Aerial releases combined! The latest Aerial release includes new Satellite imagery as well as Global Ortho photography. Both releases total 165 terabytes of new data live on Bing Maps. Prior to this, our existing Aerial footprint was 129 terabytes total.”

Well, You can check out the Bing Maps World Tour App right now to see all of the new and updated images. It includes the aerial photography that covers what Microsoft calls 160 “areas of interest” spread out over 1.03 million square kilometers for the latest update. Microsoft added: “To date, Bing Maps has a total of 1,266 AOIs that stretch across 9.54 million square kilometers!” This is a good move by Microsoft as this will help them in providing a good competition to Google Maps which is number one at the moment.