Bing home page offers up its own Advent calendar

Kareem Anderson

It looks as though the Bing team is adding further functionality and a bit of holiday spirit to its search engine’s homepage. As of today, the Bing homepage is offering a new advent calendar that allows users to follow specific events and celebrations that are going through the month of December.

Bing’s new homepage features are similar to the more traditional advent calendar given to children in December, except without the story of Jesus or Santa Claus’ ramping Christmas delivery schedule and chocolate peieces. Instead, Bing users are introduced to information about MercyCorps, a charity organization designed to help humanitarian efforts for people in crisis.

The Bing team pledges to introduce six more organizations similar to MecryCorps over the next thirty days using its new homepage advent calendar.

To celebrate the season of giving, Microsoft is donating to different charities throughout the month. We’ll highlight six of these organizations on special days in December. Today we’re celebrating the work of Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps provides global humanitarian aid to people in crisis. To show your support for the work Mercy Corps does and to express your hope for a happy new year for all, share this message on Facebook or Twitter.

Bing Homepage Advent Calendar

For the next thirty days, it appears Bing users will be greeted with the new advent calendar possibly information they would not have otherwise known about during this upcoming holiday season.

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