Bing gets beautified for the Apple crowd, new visual overhauls on the way for iPhone and iPad

Sean Cameron


Design is an essential part of the modern software experience, gone are the days when developers could lazily port their blocky, clunky interfaces between devices and operating systems. Microsoft is no stranger to this concept, indeed the Metro and Modern design languages have been central to the experience with their software since the beginnings of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7. Establishing a unique look sets one apart in a market where form takes place over function.

Bing is arguably the most visual experience on offer from Microsoft, differentiating itself from Google search through the use of both a clean design and beautiful imagery, creating an aesthetically pleasing experience for the discerning user. This is reflected in the new design interface that is being rolled out exclusively for users of Apple devices. This goes some way to take advantage of the increased screen real estate presented in the new iDevices, allowing the user interface to become more space efficient, while still presenting the imagery of Bing front and centre.


In addition to this, the Bing update also brings widget support for devices running iOS 8 or higher, allowing for a greater level of interactivity that perhaps was the case before.

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