Beam Week on Xbox Wire: a spotlight on partners

Kit McDonald

Microsoft's Beam Video Game Streaming Service

Today is the final day of the #BeamThemeWeek takeover of Xbox Wire’s daily posts. This time, the Beam team is focusing on the Beam Partnership program and what makes it unique.

According to today’s blog post, Beam Partners aren’t chosen for their numbers, but for their community involvement. “Each potential Partner is selectively picked and reviewed prior to joining the Beam family – to ensure that Beam’s rich, vibrant community continues to grow in the same way,” it explains. This means that streamers that are looking to gain the perks of being a Partner need to exhibit professionalism, consistent streaming at least three to five times per week, strong community interactions, plans for growth, and clear channel branding.

Of course, the program does have its minimum restrictions which are pretty lax compared to what it takes to monetize videos on Youtube. Partners must have 300+ followers, a viewer count over 30 through the entire stream, 720p+ resolution, a webcam, and obviously, follow the ToS and User Rules of Conduct for Beam.

But what exactly does a partner get for doing all of this work? The FAQ states:

  • A portion of the subscription revenue
  • More transcoding options
  • Sub icon (16×16), on subscribers in partner’s chat
  • Sub emotes (24×24), global use for subscribers
  • Priority feedback & support
  • Testing of new features when possible
  • Partner specific forum board and chat room
  • Beam Pro subscription
  • Monthly codes to give away for Pro and Sub
  • Beam Swag
  • Beam emote support in Discord
  • More to come!

Beam is looking to build up an active and popular Partner program moving forward as it becomes the default streaming app for Xbox One and Windows 10. Even though they highlighted a few of their select partners (Archonaut, Blizzy, QueenOfArt, SIEFE, and TyLuGames), these are only a handful of streamers that have already joined the Beam Partner program.

Today is also the last day to watch these partners and participate in the giveaways during Fancy Friday. All you have to do is chat during a Partner’s stream with the theme in the title.