Beam takes over Xbox Wire this week: first up, Beam 101

Kit McDonald

Microsoft's Beam Video Game Streaming Service

In celebration of Beam on Xbox One going live, the streaming service is taking over the Xbox Wire blogs. For the full week, Beam will be hosting themed days to promote the service and give away participation prizes for viewers.

Beam is the livestreaming app with nearly no delay between host and viewers. The FTL protocol was created with more interaction between the two in mind, adorned with fun features such as triggering events in the streamer’s game, activating soundboards, and even the potential to control robots in the streamer’s room. Beam is also a major feature of the Windows 10 Creators Update, coming next week.

The daily Xbox Wire posts will be replaced with details about Beam, how to use it, and learning its features. Furthermore, Beam streamers are hosting #BeamThemeWeek events with nearly 2,000 Beam Pro codes, Xbox Live Gold 3-month codes, and ID@Xbox game codes available to win via viewer chat.

Here is the lineup for the week:

  • Mighty Monday: Vanquish the Monday blues by getting heroic! This could mean being a superhero (Anti-Procrastination Man, anyone?), paying tribute to your personal heroes, or even cosplaying as a character from mythology.
  • Tropical Tuesday: BYOP (Bring Your Own Parrot. Or pineapple. Palm tree, even.)
  • Onesie Wednesday: Try saying that five times fast! We think this day is fairly self-explanatory.
  • Thursday of the Dead: Zombies, and monsters, and ghouls! Oh my!
  • Fancy Friday: Time to suit up! Feel free to be as swanky or gaudy as you like.

If you want to join in, all you have to do is participate in any streamer’s chat with the theme name. Also, you can host your own stream with custom category tags made specifically for the event.

We’ll learn more about Beam throughout the next five days, so be on the lookout for daily news.