Baldur’s Gate 3 still coming to Xbox this year, but no split screen on Series S

Robert Collins

Baldurs Gate 3 Custom

The good news is that Baldur’s Gate 3 is still heading to Xbox sometime throughout the remainder of 2023. The official Xbox X (Twitter) account posted a few days ago reassuring fans that Larian Studios hugely popular RPG will indeed come to Series X|S at some point before the year is out. And the post was reposted by the game’s director, Swen Vincke.

The not-so-great news is that it looks like the Series S version of the game will not include a split-screen co-op mode. This would appear to be an exception to the Xbox Series S feature parity clause—something that has been a hot-button issue this console generation.

It is known that the Xbox team and Larian Studios have been working together to bring Baldur’s Gate 3 to the platform. After getting its full release on PC following an early access period, the game has been showered with critical acclaim. The PlayStation 5 release will come on September 6.

Baldur's Gate 3 UI

Many are pointing to this as a missed opportunity for Xbox, and have blamed the more accessible but less powerful Series S for holding back the Xbox launch because of technical limitations. Stay tuned for the official Xbox release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 when it becomes available.