Angry Birds Star Wars 2 for Windows Phone updated with Rise of the Clones chapter


Angry Birds Star Wars 2: The saga continues in the RISE OF THE CLONES chapter!

Angry birds, a video game created by Rovio Entertainment in 2009, has become one of the most popular games to hit smartphones, video game consoles and PCs. Rovio is actively working on Angry birds and is releasing new levels, episodes, and themes on a timely basis. 

Angry Birds Star Wars II’s latest update brings in new elements where you have navigate through the fast-flowing waters on a stormy Kamino (an ocean exoplanet, in the fictional Star Wars universe) for an extra boost from the air turbines on Coruscant (a planet in the fictional Star Wars universe). Destroy the Republic’s Clone Army and face off against the Jedi in 20 new pork side levels. Use the force to take down the Sith (primary recurring antagonists in the Star Wars universe) with 20 new bird side levels. Locate hidden maps to unlock 2 secret levels on each side. The update also contains the aptly named ‘Last Chance Bird’ which you can use to complete a level.

Check out Angry Birds Star Wars 2: Rise of the Clones game-play trailer below. The game is available on Xbox, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Phone 8.1, and is priced at $0.99.