Amazon tests AI on customers to rival Microsoft and Google

Devesh Beri

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As reported by Mint, as part of its strategy to rival tech giants Microsoft and Google, E-commerce giant Amazon has been conducting tests of its artificial intelligence services on thousands of customers. In addition, Amazon has recently unveiled a new AI tool designed for building conversational customer service agents and healthcare technology, specifically for generating notes after patient visits. Also, Amazon teamed up with Meta and Microsoft to challenge Google and Apple’s map dominance.

The company is making a significant push into the healthcare industry with the launch of AWS Healthscribe, a service aimed at developing apps that can transcribe and analyze conversations between doctors and patients. According to a report from Reuters, one major customer, a 3M unit, plans to utilize this technology for clinical documentation.

Amazon’s Bedrock service, introduced in April, targets its cloud customers and enables them to create apps using various AI models. This move is in response to the investment made by competitors like Microsoft and Google in generative AI technology. Microsoft has its AI chatbot, Bing Chat, and it is a major investor in OpenAI, known for its viral sensation, ChatGPT. Conversely, Google has its own generative AI-based chatbot called Bard, with plans to integrate it into different levels of its services.

To leverage its status as the leading cloud provider in revenue, Amazon seeks to offer businesses a wider selection of AI models compared to its rivals. The company plans to make Amazon Bedrock available to all customers soon, although no specific date has been provided.

Amazon’s vice president of databases, machine learning, and analytics mentioned that several companies, including Sony, Ryanair, and Sun Life, have already tested the Amazon Bedrock service. Additionally, Amazon is working closely with Nvidia to secure key chips and understand their ramp-up schedule amid the fierce competition among AI companies.