Along with Windows XP, support for Microsoft’s Office 2003 ends


Along with Windows XP, support for Office 2003 ends

Not only is Windows 8.1 Update 1 set for release via Windows Update (you can download the individual update files right now if you don’t want to wait), Windows XP and Office 2003 have both reached their end of support deadline. Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001, while Office 2003 was released on October 21, 2003.

Around 12 and a half years ago, Microsoft launched Windows XP, a desktop operating system which, little did the company know, was going to revolutionize the world. A giant step ahead of all other operating systems of its time. For better or worse, Windows XP was so good that it affected the success of the next Windows operating systems. But today, after a series of constant warnings, campaigns and lucrative offers, Microsoft will bid farewell to one of its most popular products.

But it’s not just Windows XP that will no longer be supported by Microsoft after today. Office 2003, which Microsoft released back in 2003, will also no longer be supported after receiving three Service Packs over the course of its lifetime. Microsoft rolled out the first Service Pack for Office 2003 back in 2004, with two more Service Packs in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

Microsoft had unveiled a new Office logo with Office 2003 as part of a rebranding effort by the company. Microsoft had also unveiled two new Office applications, InfoPath and OneNote. Office 2003 was also the first version of Office to utilize the Windows XP visual style, complete with XP colors and XP icons.

With Office 2003 reaching its end of support, Microsoft, of course, is touting Office 365 as the way to go. “Office 365 is the same Office you already know and use every day. And then some. Because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere – PC, Mac, and tablets – and they’re always up to date. Same goes for updates to features – you get them automatically,” Microsoft explains.

So here’s to Office 2003! Thanks for being reliable and helping us be productive during your prime. Do you know anyone who still uses Office 2003?