Almost 45% of Steam users are on Windows 10 according to latest hardware survey

Kit McDonald

The wrap up of July 2016 means another survey release from Steam depicting the user status across a variety of different fields. Steam is one of the largest and most popular gaming distribution software for PC, providing millions of games for users globally.

Steam provides a number of monthly stats on their service, including hardware specifications, peripherals, and software preferences. More specifically, it highlights the increased Steam user base that have adopted the Windows 10 operating system.

The user base has continued to climb steadily since June 2016’s survey. According to last month, 42.94% of people were using the Windows 10 64-bit OS. Now it has built up to 44.93% with a significant increase of 1.99%. All other Windows systems have suffered the blow except the standard Windows 10 32-bit that grew with only a 0.07%. It’s possible that the end of the Windows 10 free upgrade might have encouraged many people to ditch their old for the new. It will be interesting to see if these numbers begin tapering off now that the OS now requires a purchase instead.

That being said, the increase for Windows operating systems as a total only increased 0.19% from the month before.

On a broader spectrum, Microsoft’s Windows continues to lord over the other operating systems available for Steam gamers, beating out OSX which had a minuscule 3.40% that has declined since last month. Linux maintained its status of just under 1% of users.

Not all of the numbers can be considered a hundred percent accurate since the statistics may vary based on optional user participation. It is safe to assume, however, that Windows 10 64-bit is plowing forward as the preferred gaming operating system for Steam users. Check out the rest of the survey on the official Steam page.