All Xbox Insiders can now test the Xbox One 1806 update

Laurent Giret

After a couple weeks of testing with select Insiders, the Xbox One 1806 update is now available to download for everyone who joined the Xbox Insider program. Yesterday, the latest Xbox One system update (1806.180626-1359) started rolling out to Beta, Delta, and Omega insiders, and we’re now really close to the public release.

The Xbox One 1806 update (likely to be named “June update”) brings a couple of new features including the ability to group your Games and Apps, improved Search Functionality, as well as additional Accessibility options. Microsoft also recently started testing the new Xbox Live Avatars as well as a Microsoft Rewards Beta app, but the most interesting new feature may be Fast Start, which is leveraging machine learning to speed up the installation of your Xbox games.

It’s still not clear if the 1806 update will be generally available before the end of June, especially since the latest Insider build still has some known issues affecting Groups, Profile Color, and Networking. Anyway, we really like the Xbox team iterating fast on the Xbox One OS, as we’ve now seen new featured updates for three months in a row.