After Scalebound’s demise, Xbox fans reassured about Phantom Dust

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft and Platinum Games cut the cord on Scalebound this week, cutting in to its already meager Xbox-exclusive lineup for 2017. Xbox gamers are understandably jittery about the fate of other upcoming games, none more than the also elusive Phantom Dust.

The 2004 game from Microsoft Game Studios has been slated for a revamp since its announcement at E3 2014, which even Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer then promptly forgot about. Not much has been heard about the game since then, and fans have had to be content holding on to this 2014 trailer:

Even though Shannon Loftis told Spencer more than six months ago that Phantom Dust was “almost done,” we still haven’t seen much about the game since 2014. However, Loftis has just given fans new hope with a pair of tweets responding to questions about the game:


Anyway, it’s good to hear that Xbox fans have some good news to look forward to on the exclusive game release front