Aaron Greenberg’s Twitter account compromised (but he still wants an Xbox Onesie)

Kellogg Brengel

Xbox Onesie

Amidst all of the recent craze for Xbox Onesies, Aaron Greenberg’s Twitter account was compromised.

Greenberg is the head of Marketing for Xbox Games. Earlier today, he tweeted about the demand he is receiving for the Xbox Onesie which Xbox Australia dreamt up. Not long after, his Twitter account was hijacked. Some of his followers commented it looked like his Foursquare account was actually what was compromised, but because his Twitter and Foursquare accounts were linked, his account started tweeting random things.

Greenberg has his account all sorted out now. And he still wants an Xbox Onesie.

The Xbox Onesie has certainly captured the imagination of many gamers. And the hashtag #XboxOnesie has become a trending moment on Twitter.

Hats off to the Xbox Austrailia PR unit. But they might have inadvertently created a huge amount of worldwide demand, apparently including Xbox’s own corporate executives.