A win for Team No Sticker? Xbox Chief Phil Spencer says no HDMI sticker on Xbox Series X

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox consoles have all come with a black HDMI sticker on the front in recent years, and it’s safe to say that some Xbox fans don’t like that at all. The HDMI sticker controversy is a bit of a joke on social networks, with Team No Sticker, representing those who remove the HDMI sticker from the console the minute they unbox the console, and by Team Sticker, those that leave the HDMI sticker on their consoles indefinitely.

A couple of hours ago, Windows Central’s video game guru Jez Corden, tweeted a mockup image of an Xbox Series X console with the infamous HDMI sticker on the front. While the tweet was meant a joke, Xbox head Phil Spencer quickly responded to it, confirming that no HDMI sticker would be placed on the newest addition to the Xbox family.


It’s good to see that Phil Spencer looks to be on Team No Sticker. As you can tell by the picture of the Xbox Series X in Corden’s tweet, the HDMI sticker would not look good on the Xbox Series X and its minimalist design.

At the July 2020 Xbox event, Microsoft plans to showcase first-party next-gen gameplay and the arsenal of games and features on the Xbox Series X. There is also a rumor that Microsoft will reveal a second next-gen Xbox codenamed “Lockhart“, which will be less powerful, but also much cheaper than the Xbox Series X.