A new astronaut has appeared in the Fortnite video game and players have already found him

Brad Stephenson

Ancient Astronaut in Fortnite

This week’s Fortnite update saw another lowering of the water level (after its massive flooding at the end of last season) and some additional changes around the map.

While most of these changes were subtle and mostly cosmetic, one of them is actually pretty major and is steeped in Fortnite lore; the appearance of an astronaut.

Astronauts have had a major presence in previous Fortnite seasons as both skins for players to unlock or buy and as in-game characters that affect the way players understand the game. One, The Visitor, landed on the Battle Royale map in Chapter One Season Four in a pod and was eventually responsible for the destruction of the entire map by the end of Chapter One Season X.

This new astronaut, apparently named Ancient Astronaut, has also mysteriously appeared in a pod on the map but is currently underwater. Fortnite leaker, FortTory, managed to remove the water in the PC version to get a batter look. You can see what he found in the image above and in the tweet below.

Interestingly, his design seems very similar to that of Sonia, one of Chapter Two Season Three’s Battle Pass characters.

A skin for the Ancient Astronaut and a series of challenges relating to fixing his ship have also been discovered in the game’s files after the latest update. Some players have even spotted parts of the damaged ship scattered around the map.


Another connection to the astronaut could be the secret Coral Buddies quest that’s currently active in the game. These challenges aren’t viewable on any in-game list but are activated when certain tasks are completed. Currently players must build three sphinxes and a pyramid. You can see my video of completing these tasks below.

The phrase “ancient astronauts” is used to describe seemingly high tech individuals who made contact with early humans and potentially helped them evolve. Some people theorize that ancient astronauts could have even assisted in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt for example. Given that the pyramid and Ancient Astronaut are appearing within Fortnite at the same time, it’s hard not to think that this could actually be the start of a major Fortnite storyline.

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