8 year old applies for restaurant job so he can get an Xbox

Robert Collins

When 8-year-old Nash Johnson decided he wanted an Xbox so he could play online with his friends, he did what any responsible elementary school student would do: he went out and applied for a job.

Specifically, the Lexington, Ky. student went online and filled out an application for a dishwasher’s position at Drake’s, a local restaurant that bills itself as “a restaurant that loves beer and a bar that loves food.”

“I’m very good at washing the dishes,” Nash said in an interview as reported by WRAL.

There was only one snag in Nash Johnson’s plan: you have to be at least 16 years old to legally work. Luckily for Nash, the application presented a loophole. The application asked only for “age range” rather than specific age. So Nash stated on his resume that he was under 18.

“That kid is not afraid to fail. He’s a go-getter,” Nash’s mother Belinda said. She added that “Financial literacy is really important in our household.”

While Drake’s couldn’t hire Nash, they invited him to orientation nonetheless. There, he was presented with that Xbox he so dearly wanted. It just goes to show that with perseverance, dreams really do come true.


Featured image via wthr.com.