3rd party plugins may be coming to ChatGPT driven Bing Chat soon

Kareem Anderson

Bing Chat

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Microsoft may soon be expanding its Bing Chat functionality by allowing 3rd party plugin integration similar to its OpenAI’s own ChatGPT support.

While Microsoft has not officially rolled out a roadmap for Bing Chat’s support of 3rd party plugins, company CEO of Bing Mkihail Parakhin did hint at an eventual possibility when responding to the request on Twitter.

Parakhin’s response followed a Tweet showcasing a new GPT powered platform that emphasizes historical context to provide more personalized responses to queries called MemoryGPT. As described in the Tweet, “Introducing: MemoryGPT ????. It’s ChatGPT but with long term memory. It will remember the things you say and will be able to personalize your conversation based on that.”

Admittedly, Memory GPT needs a bit of polish but was impressive enough to invoke the possibility of Bing Chat incorporating 3rd party plugins that could ideally work both inside and outside of Microsoft’s own Windows ecosystem to provide a whole host of specific GPT-led experiences.

For now, users will just have to “stay tuned” to see how Microsoft expands Bing Chat’s functionality, but there is a possibility it could begin to corral these new GTP models sprouting up everywhere into an added benefit for its AI ecosystem.

via Search Engine Roundtable