36 Apple OSX Tips


Here a roundup of the latest tips and tricks from MacOS X Hints:

– New Twitter.app for Mac — Bugs and Fixes
– Using a MacBook Pro as firewire pass-through
– Add image or text on top of a one-page PDF
– Use Dropbox for a Mobile Virtual Printer
– How to disable sync warnings in iTunes
– Force RSS feeds to refresh using pubsub
– Use a RAMdisk to manage downloads
– iCal: Duplicate/Move items between calendars
– Mail.app’s proxy icon: Link to a specific message
– 10.6: Switch remote iChat shared screen back without disrupting the user
– 10.6: Limitations of TextWrangler or BBEdit from the Mac App Store
– 10.6: Re-enable missing fonts
– Save Timestamped Mail Attachments with Rules and Applescript
– Secure videos on iPhone
– Use GParted LiveCD to recover missing partition
– Facebook chat with faces using Adium
– How to delete last blank page in Word
– Swap Opt and Command Keys on a Logitech K800
– Change scrubbing speed and resolution
– Safari cannot save some web pages
– Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
– Add .mobi files into Amazon Kindle OS X App
– Backup the iPhoto Library to DVD’s with tar
– View Safari page source in an external editor
– 10.6: Keyboard shortcut for switching between input sources
– 10.6: Reset the Printing System
– Removing periods from mailbox names
– Cannot empty trash because item is in use
– Free Up That Disk Space – iPhoto
– Copy public IP address to clipboard via keyboard shortcut
– Restore subpixel antialiasing to Apple’s websites
– How to share TrueCrypted drive for OSX and Linux with write perms
– Select Tabs of Unresponsive Ribbon in Office 2011
– Jump to folders quickly in Open/Save dialog boxes
– Shortcut to Home Folder
– 10.6: Automate Internet Sharing revisited