1st Xbox gamer to reach 1 million Gamerscore jumps from Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer

Brad Stephenson

Mixer Studio at Microsoft Store

Xbox gamer, Stallion83, who was the first person to ever reach the 1 and 2 million Gamerscore milestones has made the leap from the popular Twitch video game streaming service to Microsoft’s rival, Mixer.

While Stallion83 had actually had his Mixer account since 2016, he had also been a Twitch Partner, a role that prevents streamers from broadcasting on rival platforms.

Stallion83 streamed on Twitch for the last time two weeks ago and began streaming on Mixer almost immediately. The transition was promoted on the official Mixer Twitter account earlier today. It’s unclear why Stallion83 decided to change platforms.


Mixer is Microsoft’s direct competitor to Amazon’s Twitch. It’s a streaming video platform that’s primarily designed to broadcast video game gameplay but is also used for streaming the occasional special event or esports competition.

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