How to pre-order the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Microsoft Band

Brad Stephenson

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, HoloLens

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It’s been a super exciting week for tech enthusiasts with Microsoft announcing several exciting new pieces of hardware. Many of them are already up for pre-order right now so here’s a collection of where and how to buy the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and new Microsoft Band.

Surface Pro 4

The newest entry in the popular Surface Pro line of tablet/laptop hybrid devices, the Surface Pro 4 is the thinnest and most powerful Surface Pro yet and will make for either a great upgrade device or an entirely new one for those who have yet to jump on the Surface Pro hype train.

Pre-order the Surface Pro 4 online here.

Surface Book

Microsoft’s first ever laptop. This thing is a beast that’s even more powerful than the Surface Pro 4 and gives Apple’s Macbook Pro a run for its money (Microsoft claims it’s twice as fast).

Pre-order the Surface Book online here.

Microsoft Band

The new Microsoft Band is a massive improvement on the first generation. Boasting a completely new design that’s smoother and more comfortable to wear as well as some cool new interior tech, this baby makes the Microsoft Band a lot more tempting to try.

Pre-order the Microsoft Band online here.

Are you going to pre-order any of these new devices or have you already placed your order for all three? Share the hype in the comments below.