How to make money online by searching with Bing and Qmee

Jack Wilkinson

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Being able to make money online is an easy task in itself, however, the difficulty usually lies in finding places where you can make money. Luckily for those who use Bing, the place to make money online is staring right at you – Bing. What was once seen as a mediocre search engine, is now something quite powerful. Constant improvements by Microsoft have continually improved Bing’s results, while still providing a pleasing experience. Now, it’s possible to make money using Bing.

We already know about Bing Rewards – Microsoft’s program for rewarding users who use Bing – but we’re not here to talk about that. This is something different.

A company based in the United Kingdom, called Qmee, offers browser extensions which once installed, will show related ads to the left-side of your browser whenever you search for something. Don’t be scared away by the ads, though. They’re actually quite helpful. Let’s say you’re a little hungry and want to order some pizza. You’ll type in your search term, for example “dominos pizza” and look at the results. Now, normally you’d click right through to Dominos Pizza (or your choice of pizzeria), however, what Qmee will do is show offers from other pizzeria’s, as shown below.

Qmee Bing Pizza

Each ad will either be an offer/voucher code for relevant stores, or it will show a monetary symbol, which when clicked will add that money straight to your Qmee account, instantly. This amount can then be withdrawn to PayPal instantly or donated to a charity.

While this definitely isn’t a way of becoming rich, it does allow you to make money (and save money!) by just searching on Bing. Ads can be worth anywhere from $0.05 to $1 per click.

If you’re ready to start making money by searching Bing, you can sign-up to Qmee by clicking here. You’ll need a PayPal account (US or UK only), then install the browser extension and off you go – searching.

What’s more – if you use Qmee and Bing Rewards together, you’re not only earning cash for seeing those ads, you’re earning extra rewards from Microsoft.