How-To: Get an Xbox One and a game for only $249 (U.S. only)

Staff Writer

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When the Xbox One launched, I ran out and picked it up for $499; that high price tag included the unit itself, a special edition ‘Day one’ controller, and a Kinect. Since then, prices have dropped and Microsoft has introduced special bundles and trade-in deals. So, thanks to a tip from a Microsoft Employee, here is how you can pick up an Xbox One bundle for only $249.

Starting November 2, Microsoft Stores will be selling Xbox One bundles for Assassin’s Creed Unity and Sunset Overdrive, for only $349. The Assassin’s Creed bundle includes a black version of the console, while the Sunset Overdrive model includes a white variation. Here is our first hint though, the Sunset Overdrive model can be picked up with price drop, today. Just ask the Microsoft Store employee when you go to pick up your unit. Price is now down from $399 to $349 ($50 saved).

Next, take advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 trade-in deal and snag $100. You will need to bring in an Xbox 360 with power cables, AV cables, and a controller. Microsoft officially states that the console has to power on for the trade in to be valid, but we are being told that is not always the case and you might just get away with trading in a dead Xbox 360 (however, not always). Price is now down from $349 to $249.

That’s it. Simply take advantage of Microsoft’s upcoming holiday bundles and trade in your Xbox 360 to pick up an Xbox One for only $249 (before tax). Microsoft Stores are currently present in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Disclaimers: Offering the bundle early is up to the discretion of each store manager. We are not suggesting that you trade in a dead Xbox 360. None of the above bundles include an Xbox Kinect.