Windows 9 news recap: Colorful Start menus, new screenshots, 8K monitor support and more

Zac Bowden


As per usual, it’s been a pretty busy week here at WinBeta with all the Windows 9 news breaking ground. This week, we got our first proper glimpse of Windows 9 thanks to a handful of new screenshots leaked from a number of different partner builds. 9821, 9834 and 9841 are the culprits of these leaks, all originating from builds handed out to partners meaning not all features are present in these builds.

The screenshots reveal the most important things coming in the Windows Technical Preview, including the Start menu, Modern UI windows, virtual desktops, notification center and the new charms menu for desktop users. Things like Cortana and the new Modern UI will not be arriving until early next year for preview users.

Moving right along, it was also revealed that the Start menu will be colorful! Users will be able to make the Start menu match up to the Windows theme, meaning if your wallpaper is red, your Start menu will be too! Customization in Windows 9 is better than ever it seems, and it’s just getting started.

In other news, Microsoft will not be live streaming the upcoming September 30th Windows 9 event, meaning enthusiasts who were not invited will have to tune in via a live-blog or wait for the official press release from Microsoft. Not only that, but Microsoft isn’t planning to release the Windows Technical Preview to the public on the 30th, and instead is planning to release it in the first week of October. Disappointing news, I know, but stay tuned to WinBeta for all the Windows 9 coverage you want.

It was also revealed that Windows 9 will make use of 8K displays, as files within the partner builds of Windows 9 show icon support for definitions that high. Considering Windows 9 may be the last ‘big bang’ release for a long time, Microsoft needs to future-proof it, meaning adding support for monitors that are barely in the market is a good move.

So, that’s all your news regarding Windows 9 this week. The next couple of weeks should be big for Windows 9, as the Windows Technical Preview is almost among us and Microsoft has lots to share for the Enterprise. Stay tuned at WinBeta for all the latest as it happens.